Being Grandma

Happy Grandparents Day  


Another Grandparents Day comes to a close and I am feeling heavy. With all of the joy of watching a child there is sometimes pain.  We all know that parenting is the hardest job in the world but let it be said that grand-parenting is not far behind. We (Grand-ma’s and Grand-dads, Nanas and Papas) now have two generations of children to care about and love. That means that there are at least 3 hearts that we want to save from heartbreak.  Blood has tethered them to us forever but Life has taught us that there are times we must cut them loose to make their own mistakes, experience their own joy, create the life for themselves and their children that they really want because they only get one life to create and it passes so quickly. I’ve often thought that it would be great if we could transfer our own learning via some sort of transfusion process that is silent and undetectable. But then I recognize that we may have made bad choices in our own parenting life and what would stop those mistakes, poor judgement, etc. from being transferred as well. So…I guess we are left with communication – a huge and sometimes scary task that often means taking risks. But I am a Grandma after all and time is a wastin’.

For all Grandmas and Granddads, Nanas and Papas, I hope that you had a wonderful Grandparents Day.

May the Force Be With YOU!

Photo by Chuck Swift…check him out on FB

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